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Month: March 2017

Mum suing hospital after nurse falls asleep and drops newborn

A mother is suing a hospital after discovering that a nurse accidently dropped one of her premature twins whilst feeding him. Baby Kieran, who was born at just 29 weeks, was being cared for in a special-care nursery at Belleville General Hospital in Canada when the incident occurred. Mum Kelsey Bond told The Intelligencer: “I received a phone call at eight o’clock in the morning saying that the nurse had fallen asleep feeding him and woke up to him crying on the floor. “[The department manager who made the phone call] said she was sorry … and that a...

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Better Baby Sleep: We look at the Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Sleep App

Sleep, or rather the lack of it, is probably the most exhausting part of new parenthood. While a solid bedtime routine can help babies to develop good sleep habits, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Recently, baby product brand Johnson’s Baby launched a new app that promises to help parents who are having trouble settling their baby at night. The JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™ Baby Sleep App is designed to help establish a bedtime routine and improve baby’s sleep as they grow. The FREE app can be downloaded from both iTunes & Google Play. When it first hit the...

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Healthy Eating Tips for Your Toddler

Once your little bubba has been weaned off of milk and into the fun stages of experimenting with food, it is recommended to provide as much variety as possible to expand your young one’s palate.  A number of studies have shown that first tastes as a youngster will dictate their taste preferences for years to come, so be mindful that there is variety in terms of colour, texture and flavour. Toddler Healthy Eating Tips Don’t Shy Away from Savoury Children have an innate sense for preferring sweet tastes to bitter as this is a primal survival instinct, however this...

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School bans parents from using mobile phones at the school gates

A primary school in Middlesbrough has banned parents from using their mobile phones at the school gates, urging them to greet their child instead. St Joseph’s RC Primary is asking parents and carers to put away their mobiles after noticing that some adults are engrossed by screens rather than their children during the school run. The school is encouraging parents to stick to the rule by putting up signs that read: ‘Greet your child with a smile, not a mobile.’ St Joseph’s headteacher, Liz King, said the aim of the campaign is to remind parents to talk to their...

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6 sleep tips for the clock change

Snuggle Sac founder Tina Goldsmith recognises the importance of good sleep advice for parents. She works in partnership with The Children’s Sleep Charity to ensure her customers receive high quality sleep information. Tina says ‘parents often contact us for support around the clock changes, just a change of one hour can really disrupt some children’s sleep patterns. Our experts from The Children’s Sleep Charity offer the following advice’. Sleep tips for the clock change Try to plan ahead for clock changes. In the summer time it gets lighter in the mornings so you may wish to invest in a...

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