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Month: August 2017

Baby food pouches linked to child speech defects and wonky teeth

We all know that too much sugar in a baby’s diet can rot their tiny teeth. Now new research has found that even baby food packaging can contribute to tooth damage and speech problems. Recent research by children’s food brand Kiddylicious Little Bistro revealed that 67% of parents in East Anglia were unaware that the spouts used in baby food pouches can have a detrimental effect on their baby’s oral development. Allowing babies to eat directly from the spout-style pouches can contribute to speech problems, teeth distortion and enamel erosion. How hard spouts affect growing teeth Following recent reports...

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Mum shares hilarious reaction to her toddler walking in on her having sex

It’s the moment every parent dreads. You’re finally getting down to some ‘special adult time’ after a lengthy drought and it’s all heating up nicely. Then, out of nowhere, your sleepy child wanders straight into a situation you never wanted them to see. For one couple, the experience was so traumatic there was just one way of dealing with it – by sharing it with the internet. And we’re really glad they did, because this couple’s hilarious reaction to their toddler walking in on them having sex is well-worth the cringe-factor. In a Facebook post, Emma Lou Harris, a blogger and...

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Eating for Two: Experts Debunk the Pregnancy Myth

Eating for two, or just eating for you? It turns out that only a third of expectant mums understand exactly what they should be eating during their pregnancy. A survey conducted by The National Charity Partnership (made up of Diabetes UK, The British Heart Foundation and Tesco) found that many women were confused by the old fashioned advice that they should be “eating for two”. With healthy eating information about as clear as mud, we’re sharing these top tip from nutrition experts to help you get to grips with your pregnancy meal plans. Should I be eating for two?...

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How to Deal with Starting School Problems

All children are different and so are their feelings about starting school. They might skip into the classroom on their very first day, or they might have worries that make everything seem strange and scary. Staring school is a huge adjustment for children, particularly those who didn’t spend their early years in a nursery. With some gentle reassurance, most issues will resolve themselves in a week or two. The most important thing is to listen to your child’s concerns without judgement. Even little problems seem HUGE to young children, so try to see things from their point of view....

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Price comparison site takes the sting out of buying school essentials

Covering the cost of sending children to school can be challenging. Shoes, coats, jumpers, backpacks – all those little expenses soon add up. If you’re worried about the cost of buying school essentials for your child, the internet is obviously a great place to hunt for bargains. Now PriceSpy, an impartial price and product comparison service, has done some of the legwork for you. They’ve looked into the best prices available online for the most common back to school purchases. Here are some of the deals they came across. All of the following information and pricing was correct as...

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