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Author: Emma Wheeler

New Peppa Pig show is coming to Kent

Peppa Pig is heading Kent to delight children with her brand new live show, Peppa Pig’s Adventure. TV’s favourite little piggie is making her big return following the success of her previous theatre outings, Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt and Peppa Pig’s Big Splash. The new Peppa Pig show will have performances in Dartford, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells. What’s the new Peppa Pig show about? In her latest adventure, Peppa will be heading off on an exciting camping trip with her friends. With Daddy Pig driving the bus, the happy campers set out for a fun-packed time filled with games, dancing,...

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Childless drivers who use parent-and-child bays could soon be fined £25

The public has spoken! According to a new survey, one in two people would like to fine motorists that misuse parent-and-child parking bays. Out of the 500 people who responded to the survey, over 25 per cent said they would like thoughtless drivers to be fined more than £25, while more than 33 per cent were happy with £25 or less. For some people, a fine doesn’t go far enough; one in 10 said they would back a temporary ban from the supermarket for repeat parking offenders. Harrison Woods, managing director at online parking portal, said: “Parent-and-child...

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How to survive chickenpox

Chickenpox is a viral illness, which means it has no cure. What we can do is treat the symptoms and make sure our children are as comfortable as possible. Since chickenpox is highly contagious, most children will contract it before their tenth birthday, with many catching it before they turn four. If your little one breaks out in those tell-tale spots, here’s how to survive the itchy, irritable days and nights. Keep them isolated As chickenpox is very easily passed from person to person, it’s important to keep suspected cases isolated until their spots scab over. People who particularly...

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Are you fertility fit? Boost your prenatal health

If you look up the definition of ‘fertility’ it means the ability to conceive children or young. For some couples falling pregnant is easy and for others it can take years or involve having IVF. Getting fertility fit! Most women focus on their nutrition at the point of seeing the little blue line appear, confirming their test is positive and baby is on their way. Yet it is essential to ensure that your body is full of the right nutrients before conception to ensure the healthiest pregnancy as well as increase fertility and ability to conceive. With the right...

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Parental Leave: Half of parents in low-paid jobs don’t know they have this right

More than half of young working parents in low-paid jobs are not aware of their right to take parental leave to look after their child. The research, carried out by Trades Union Congress (TUC), revealed that 51% of parents in jobs like retail and social care have never been spoken to about their workplace’s policies. The report also found that parents who require flexible working are often denied basic employment rights. Many face having shifts changed at short notice and experience uncertainty over finishing times. Of the 1,000 parents polled, two out of five (19%) of the young parents...

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