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Author: Emma Wheeler

Busy Mum’s 15 Minute Workout

Yes today we live in a busy world where the clock ticks far too quickly and the ‘to do’ list of chores is relentless.  What with school runs, nursery groups, shopping, cleaning, cooking going to work and bed time routines before you know, there is no time to exercise! Your 15 minute workout Every mum I know would be happy to lose a few pounds and find it difficult to commit time to themselves to do this and worry that they need extra hours each week but I have great news you don’t need to spend all day exercising,...

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Make Some Wild Winter Memories with the Wildlife Trust

It may be cold outside, but the even the chilliest months offer an exciting opportunity to explore the great outdoors. From frozen wetlands to flocks of migratory geese swooping across the sky, a natural winter wonderland is waiting to be discovered by you and your young ones. Wild Winter Guide This winter, The Wildlife Trust is encouraging more families to get outside and spend some time immersed in the British countryside. My Wild Winter is an online wildlife and activity guide jam-packed with ideas and information, plus places to go and things to do. With hundreds of nature reserves...

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How to help your baby get through a cold

Winter is upon us and it’s the season for coughs and colds. As adults, we know how to manage these illnesses – blowing our noses, cough and cold remedies, etc – but how do we minimise the discomfort for babies? Lisa Clegg, author of The Blissful Baby Expert, shares her advice for treating a cold in babies. Coughs and colds In my experience the majority of babies tend to develop their first little cold by the age of six to eight weeks, whether they are born in the summer or the winter. If your baby is your second or...

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Top tips for juggling two (or more!) children

By Karen Dennis In my experience, trying to juggle several children at once is easy – if managed correctly. Just like in the working world, it’s a case of learning how to share yourself with multiple people. Here are my top tips for juggling two or more children: Helping younger children to feel included When my boys were little, I made it my aim to make sure everyone was included and nobody felt left out. My youngest son, Adam, always wanted to be treated as a ‘big boy’ due to the fact that he had 3 older brothers. One...

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Travelodge – Value for money overnight family option

By Laura Mason The great thing about Travelodge is that there’s one in every town.  They’re pretty decent value for money and you know that the standard is consistent whether you’re staying in a remote location or in the throws of a bustling city. Travelodge Gatwick Airport Central A recent holiday with long haul flights from Gatwick resulted in the debate of where to stay the night before.  Instead of the clash with rush hour traffic on the M25, when travelling with children it’s so much simpler to leisurely arrive the evening before. This in turn prevents that early...

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