Many parents keep mementos of their baby’s birth – hospitals bracelets, first photographs, and those tiny hats. But how many have chosen to keep their baby’s umbilical cord?

Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes and husband Marvin have joined the small but growing number of parents who are celebrating their child’s arrival in a unique way – by creating umbilical cord art.

The 27-year-old new mum took to Instagram to share a picture of the unusual delivery she had just received.

Displayed in a soft pink frame is her newborn daughter’s dehydrated umbilical cord, twisted to spell out the word ‘Love’.

Alongside the artwork is a tub of placenta pills, which are said to have a number of health benefits for new mums.

In a caption that accompanies the image, the popstar said: “After being very curious I took the plunge, so excited to feel the benefits.. Thanks so much Danielle @placentaplus.”

umbilical cord art

Placenta Plus is the UK company which produced the pills and the unconventional art for Rochelle. Last year, Colleen Rooney used the same company to create her placenta pills following the birth of her third son, Kit.

Enthusiasts of placenta pills say that mothers who take capsules containing the essence of their placenta will experience a boost in energy and essential nutrients, improved postnatal recovery, and a lower likelihood of postnatal depression.

Placenta Plus owner Danielle offers ‘placenta encapsulation’ services that range from £200 to £550. She also provides various optional extras, including placenta face cream, massage oil and cord art. A framed cord keepsake is priced at £40. If you don’t need the frame, the dried cord alone will cost you £10.

Not in love the idea of a framed umbilical cord? Another UK business, Tree of Pals, will take a small piece of your baby’s dried cord and turn it into bespoke jewellery.

How’s that for an imaginative family heirloom?